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News and Changelog!

Last database update: January 15 2016, 5:00 GMT

February, 4th 2016
* Fix item category.

January, 15th 2016
* Updated database for NA region.

October, 11th 2015
* Updated database for NA region.
** Sorry for taking such a long time to update. I had trouble with the new Aura Kingdom file protection. But thanks to @luigi_auriemma, I finally able to update the database again. Hip Hip Hurray!

May, 5th 2015
* Updated database for all region.

February, 27th 2015
* Updated Timer for Fish King.

February, 25th 2015
* Updated database for all region.

December, 20th 2014
* Updated EN and DE database.
* Translated ES and PT achievement page.

December, 16th 2014
* Added database for Portuguese/Brazil server.
* Added timer for Portuguese and Spanish server.
- Spanish and Portuguese achievement database will be fix tomorrow.

December, 13th 2014
* Added database for Spanish server.
* Updated English server Content Update.
* Updated German server Content Update.
* Added new item category, Scythe and Gaia Emblem.

September, 4th 2014
* Added new data from October, 2nd English server Content Update.
* Added new data from September, 29th German server Content Update.
* Added coordinates for Archaeology Objects.

September, 5th 2014
* Added new data from September, 4th English server Content Update.
* Added new data from September, 2th German server Content Update.
* Redesign Eidolon page.

August, 12th 2014
* Update and Improve German translation.
*** Credit goes to .Yomigaeru (From Siren and Aurora server) for German translation. :D

July, 16th 2014
* Added database for German server.
* Database Update.

May, 26th 2014
* Fix achievement database. It will show related item/NPC correctly now.
* Updated IA/WA timer.
* Added Tachi item category.

May, 9th 2014
* Added new data from May, 8th Content Update.
* Updated Fish Kings stat in Timer page.

April, 5th 2014
* Added category for Herbs/Spices/Trees.
* Updated coordinates for Herbs/Spices/Trees.

March, 13th 2014
* Added Centurion Battlefield (50 vs 50) timer in PvP Battlefield Timer section.
* Added Whirlpool Abyss Timer

March, 12th 2014
* Added 71 new monsters/npc
* Added 82 new items
* Added 2 new eidolons
* Updated droplist, spawn list, shop list, localization

February, 28th 2014
* Portskandia layout are now responsive, and has been optimized for table/mobile views

February, 26th 2014
* Added Side navigation.

February, 24th 2014
* Added Fish King details its timer.

February, 21th 2014
* Added donor list.

February, 20th 2014
* Added notification sound for Otherworld Field and Dungeon.

February, 19th 2014
* Fix some glitch on the Timer
* Added notification sound for ET and Fish King.
* Added sounds for World Boss, 10 & 15 mins before it spawns .
* Added sound for Eidolon, 10 mins before it spawns .
* Added Show More button on global search result page.

February, 18th 2014
* Added new layout for Title listing page.
* Added another recipe and crafted item relation link.(This fix an issue where recipe for some lv60 equips cannot be found.)

February, 17th 2014
* Fix IA and Sky Tower timer's error.
* Added Set Bonus details on item page.
* Minor tweak on some pages.

February, 15th 2014
* Added location indicator. Click on the NPC coordinate to open it.

February, 14th 2014
* Added Fish King timer.
* Update NPC locations.

February, 13th 2014
* Added 632 new items.
* Added 1291 new Monsters/NPCs.
* Update drop list and most data on database.

February, 12th 2014
* Added category for Secret Stones.
* Added category for Consumable items. For potion, foods, etc.
* Added category for Mounts.
* Added Fishing Related items.
* Added Fishing Related objects/npcs.

February, 11th 2014
* Global database search.

February, 10th 2014
* Added timer for Sky Tower.
* Timer Notification on/off button.

February, 1st 2014
* Added few other timers.

January, 27th 2014
* Added Timer for Guild Hall Eido and World Bosses.

January, 24th 2014
* Added Monsters & NPC images.

January, 15th 2014
* Initial release.

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