Item Details

Basic info

Grimoire of Exotic Flowers Lv. 45
  • Base Damage : 8163
  • Base Crit : 238
  • Base HP : 802
  • Base Evasion : 351
EVA +5% Every skill use has a 5% chance to read the Poem of Roses, which increases CRIT by 280 and CRIT DMG by 15% for 15 seconds for all allies within 10 meters
Cost 984 silver Selling Price 98 silver

Obtained by

By Destroying

Salvaging or destroying the following items, will give you a chance of getting Grimoire of Exotic Flowers.

Crafting info

Recipe Raw Materials Result
1x Grimoire of Exotic Flowers1x Qulun's Family Crest1x Magically Enhanced Muck + 1x Fusion Formula: Holm's Lost Tome of the Ancients = 1x Holm's Lost Tome of the Ancients

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