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Reinforcing Metal Plate Lv. 50
Increase Max HP by 46 - 69 Decrease DMG by 26 - 39 Using this item will increase the Fortification of an item by 1. It can only be used on equipment that already has been enchanted with the above attributes. Fortification Type: Weapon, Helmet, Armor, Belt, Gloves, Boots Can only be used on gear of Level 50 or above.

This tool is used to reinforce equipment, resulting in an increase to its HP. Right-click to start enhancing equipment.

Cost 100 silver Selling Price 10 silver

Obtained by

By Destroying

Salvaging or destroying the following items, will give you a chance of getting Reinforcing Metal Plate.
Mageweave Blades
Tribal Chief's Heavy Axe
Great Sage Staff
Captain's Pistols
88mm Deck Gun
Book of the Poison Marsh
Tsunami Harp
Cursed Scimitars
Conqueror's Sword and Shield
The Decapitator
Staff of the Archmage
Victory Pistols
Mageweave Cannon
Divine Codex of Arcanum
Evil Beast Harp
Windslicer Blades
Adjudicator's Sword and Shield
Axe of Extinction
Staff of the Stars
The Duke's Duelers
Cannon of the Dawn
Ancient Dwarven Codex
Zither of the Holy Moon
Demonic Blades
King's Sword and Shield
Sacred Scar Battle Axe
Arcane Staff
Soul Piercing Pistols
Giant Skeletal Cannon
Forbidden Tome
Poseidon's Harp
Ambusher Leather Hat
Ambusher Leather Armor
Ambusher Wristguards
Ambusher Ankle Boots
Ambusher Leather Belt
Fia's Brilliant Fairy Dust
Aria Cap
Aria Coat
Aria Wrist Wraps
Aria Ankle Boots
Aria Sash
Toto's Cursed Tusk
Revelation Head Ornament
Revelation Light Armor
Revelation Gauntlets
Revelation Long Boots
Revelation Belt
Malodnak's Dark Claw
Caroline's Intent
Astral Orb
Chain of Rebirth
Sharp Fang
Runed Bloodgem
Smiting Stone
License to Kill
Zaahir's Sharpened Fangs
Pristine Emeraldine Claws
Demon Winged Katars
Katars of the Saintly Punisher
Prairie Chief's Secret Hoard
Evil Curse Tachi
Warbringer Tachi
Beholder's Tachi
Bereft Tachi
Frostmoon Scythe
Whitefang Scythe
Evil Eagle Scythe
Demonic Wing Scythe
Chillblood Dual Blades
Jade Forest Sword and Shield
Ethereal Great Axe
Forbidden Crystal Staff
Soulfire Dual Pistols
Azure Defense Turret
Demon Crystal Grimoire
Dragon Crystal Harp
Phantom Katars
Ashen Wing Battle Bow
Raging Tide Tachi
Unholy Bone Scythe
Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth
Obsidian Longsword
Blood Claw Greatsword
Holy Sword of Sanction
Kayel Holy Sword
Enigma Sword
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