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Enhanced Agile Pliers Lv. 50
Increase EVA by 25 - 30 Decrease SPD by 11 - 13 Using this item will increase the Fortification of an item by 1. It can only be used on equipment that already has been enchanted with the above attributes. Fortification Type: Weapon, Helmet, Armor, Belt, Gloves, Boots Can only be used on gear of Level 50 or above.

This advanced tool is used to improve the balance of equipment, increasing its EVA. Right-click to start enhancing equipment.

Cost 100 silver Selling Price 10 silver

Obtained by

By Destroying

Salvaging or destroying the following items, will give you a chance of getting Enhanced Agile Pliers.
Blades of Fame and Glory
Dark Wraith's Wand
Blue Eagle Pistols
The Soulless and The Sorrow
Glorious Staff of Star Dust
Draconic Dimensional Piercers
Nazrudin's Blades, Australis and Borealis
Nazrudin's Staff of the Siren
Nazrudin's Shimmering Scale Pistols
Flame Shadow: Soul-Breaking Dual Thorns
Broken Wing of the Fallen Angel
The Black Breath of Dragons
Crown of Cyril
Righteous Heart of Cyril
Iron Giant Forged Gauntlets
Iron Giant Forged Sabatons
Iron Giant Forged Belt
Pride of the Makar
Guardian of the Makar
Dreams of the Makar
Sallet of the Ancient Templar
Ancient Templar's Oath of Loyalty
Claws of a Jealous Queen
Jealousy's Soul-Chasing Step
Jealous Queen's Curse
Cloak of the Shadow Chaser
Necklace of the Shadow Chaser
Ring of the Shadow Chaser
Crown of the Ice King
Vestments of the Ice King
Unrelenting Grasp of the Sands
Forgotten Path of the Sands
Guardian of the Sands
Cloak of the Blessed Emperor
Amulet of the Blessed Emperor
Band of the Blessed Emperor
Skyfaller Roundlet
Skyfaller Justacorps
Nightmare Phantom Gants
Nightmare Phantom Pigaches
Nightmare Phantom Belt
Uzuriel's Stormy Wings
Uzuriel's Pure Heart
Uzuriel's Divine Punishment
Aurora's Kiss
Merrilee's Loving Gaze
Merrilee's Loving Protection
Quickwalker's Cap
Quickwalker's Vest
Iron Guard's Gauntlets
Iron Guard's Greaves
Iron Guard's Sturdy Belt
Caroline's Touch of Wind
Caroline's Step of Wind
Caroline's Sash of Wind
Leo's Glorious Heart
Leo's Royal Seal
Leo's Cloak of Kings
Nazrudin's Frozen Scale
Nazrudin's Freezing Band
Nazrudin's Wings of Blizzard
Isaias's Lucky Necklace
Edward's Magical Ring
John's Blood-Stained Scarf
Kargula's Robes of Prophecy
Meira's Silver Ceremonial Dagger
Mina's Staff of the Almighty
Max's Magicked Dual Pistols
Doctor Crow's Glorious Plumed Cap
Kirk's Victory Armor
Bombino's Freezing Touch
Miriya's Ivy Embroidered Spirit Walkers
Valerie's Faecrafted Belt
Flower Crown of the Immortal Sprite
Watson's Glimmering Tourmaline Ring
Shane's Mysterious Adventure Cloak
Grass Kingdom's Medal of Glory
Ceremonial Bernini Wolf Headdress
55 Fame Instance Gold Body
Allie's Rejuvenation Gloves
Rockman's Armored Shoes IX
Sonia's Vow
Robin's Amulet
Ring of Resentment
Llewelyn's Cloak of the Fallen
Garrin's Will
Carlos's Precision Strike
Deckard's Fiery Sun
Turin's Executioners
Holm's Lost Tome of the Ancients
Asheara's Frozen Soul Crystal
Zaahir's Soul-Rending Fangs
Zaahir's Grasp
Zaahir's Hail of Fire
Bow of the Dwarven King
Nazrudin's Bow of Tides
The Psionic Gaze
Voracious War Bow of Sunflame
Grass Kingdom's Bravewind Bow
Berlioz's Bow of Splendor
Blazing Horns of Zaahir
Serif's Electric Bracelet
Merrilee's Hair Bow
Gigas' Electromagnetic Chip
Aelius's Sunlit Lyre
Higa's Book of Techniques
Rhodri's Pocket Planetarium
Sigrun's Icy Prism
Nalani's Tome of Knowledge
Tanith's Raven Earring
Maja's Dark Runestone
Vayu's Jade Stone
Nazrudin's Maelstrom Crystal
Ghodroon's Otherworldly Coin
Quelkulan's Potent Venom
Cyril's Glory
Kotonoha's Stone of Deception
Bahadur's Armor Fragment
Tsubaki's Forbidden Scroll
Serena's Moonlight Crayon
Vermilion's Molten Gem
Pyatic's Thorned Necklace
Ox King's Scarred Belt
Rose's Fragrant Ring
Kaiser Zeta's Fortification Components
Bealdor's Codex of Light
Lianne's Tidal Claw
Lianne's Tidal Kick
Dragon Queen's Wing
Scorching Warrior Hood
Scorching Warrior Armor
Scorching Samurai Gauntlets
Scorching Samurai Boots
Scorching Samurai Belt
Grizzled Sorrow Cap
Grizzled Sorrow Vest
Grizzled Mourning Gloves
Grizzled Mourning Boots
Grizzled Mourning Belt
Awaydas' Fragment
Reaper's Venom Sac
Gainey's Skull Ring
Cesela's Moonlight Millinery
Powder of Residual Nightmares
Blazing Royal Knight Helmet
Blazing Royal Knight Battle Armor
Ashe's Blood-Stained Ore
Ashe's Battle Robe
Ashe's Iron Will
Storm Lord Wrist Armor
Storm Lord Boots
Storm Lord Waist Armor
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