Item Details

Basic info

Demonic Wing Scythe Lv. 60
  • Base Damage : 21769
  • Base Crit : 616
  • Base Speed : 476
  • Base HP : 2110
SPD +5% CRIT DMG against Bosses +25% 8% chance of activating Demonic Wing when attacking, which increases SPD by 1183 for 15 seconds.

"A gigantic scythe modeled after the menacing curves of a demon's wings. The life force of each demon it slays is captured and stored in its mysterious crystal ball."

Required Recipe
Item you might obtain by Salvaging this
Cost 1 gold 753 silver Selling Price 175 silver

Crafting info

Required Recipe: Recipe: Demonic Wing Scythe
Recipe Raw Materials Result
1x Dragon Wing Scythe + 1x Refined Spirit Core = 1x Demonic Wing Scythe

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