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Apprentice Grimoire Lv. 1
Aura Grimoire Lv. 1
Gaia Grimoire (7 Days) Lv. 1
Rookie Grimoire Lv. 8
Beginner's Grimoire Lv. 8
Pioneer's Tome Lv. 18
Explorer's Travel Log Lv. 18
Codex of Emerald Oak Lv. 28
Secrets of the Forest Lv. 28
Codex of Blue Maple Lv. 30
Book of Ripples Lv. 38
Grimoire of Echos Lv. 38
Book of Spring Lv. 40
Book of the Poison Marsh Lv. 40
Harvey's Grim Grimoire Lv. 40
Tome of Witch's Secrets Lv. 43
Grimoire of Exotic Flowers Lv. 45
Holm's Lost Tome of the Ancients Lv. 45
Book of the Arcane Lv. 48
Codex of Flourishing Flowers Lv. 48
Codex of the Violet Dream Lv. 48
Codex of Truth Lv. 50
Divine Codex of Arcanum Lv. 50
Cruel Tyrant's Grimoire Lv. 50
Codex of the First Village Lv. 50
Codex of Magic Lv. 55
Forbidden Codex of Vile Bone Lv. 55
Book of Beast Bones Lv. 58
Book of Illusions Lv. 58
Book of Rituals Lv. 60
Codex of the Machinist Lv. 60
Ancient Dwarven Codex Lv. 60
Forbidden Tome Lv. 60
Elite Guardian's Grimoire Lv. 60
Zaahir's Lexicon Demonica Lv. 60
Roseate Grimoire Lv. 65
Tortoiseshell Grimoire Lv. 65
Nazrudin's Grimoire of the Deep Lv. 65
Secret Book of the Giant Dragon Lv. 65
The Book of Seven Butterflies Lv. 65
Afflictive Grimoire Lv. 68
Peacewater Grimoire Lv. 68
Codex of Flourishing Flowers Lv. 70
Demon Crystal Grimoire Lv. 70
Overlord's Grimoire Lv. 70
Holy Code of Revelation Lv. 75
Holy Metaphoric Code Lv. 75