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Fancy Bunnyhop's Ring Lv. 8
Beefy Crab Claw Lv. 18
Lunar Pollen Lv. 28
Odum's Ventos Amulet Lv. 30
Sonjuno's Cursed Bloodbeads Lv. 30
Fia's Fairy Dust Lv. 40
Kayel's Halo Core Lv. 40
Noripan's Miracle Seed Lv. 40
Fia's Brilliant Fairy Dust Lv. 40
Kayel's Solar Core Lv. 40
Noripan's Emerald Leaf Lv. 40
Qulun's Lucky Doubloon Lv. 45
Ramgram's Rainbow Crystal Lv. 45
Titanus's Eye Lv. 45
Argus's Stone Heart Lv. 50
Asheara's Crystal Scale Lv. 50
Toto's Tusks Lv. 50
Argus's Dragon Heart Lv. 50
Asheara's Magicked Scale Lv. 50
Toto's Cursed Tusk Lv. 50
Adracei's Cursed Silk Lv. 50
Asheara's Frozen Soul Crystal Lv. 50
Lestaro's Mired Heart Lv. 50
Mighty Horn of Argus Lv. 50
Shard of Toto's Water Blade Lv. 50
Zaunna's Ritual Plume Lv. 50
Aquila Dagger Lv. 55
Aquila Medal Lv. 55
Frederic's Fallen Magic Feather Lv. 55
Gekasso's Amazing Technicolor Skin Lv. 55
Kelosa's Secret Space-Time Key Lv. 55
Saint Hale's Horn Lv. 55
55 Fame Quest Gold Trophy B Lv. 55
Barlo's Tome of Desert Warfare Lv. 55
Garrin's Will Lv. 55
Grass Kingdom's Medal of Glory Lv. 55
Lola's Enigmatic Color-Shifting Stone Lv. 55
Orlando's Earth-Shaking Dragon Horn Lv. 55
Caroline's Sigh Lv. 60
Malodnak's Sharp Claw Lv. 60
Murfeo's Oath Lv. 60
Talamund's Heart Lv. 60
Talen's Ghostly Gem Lv. 60
Caroline's Intent Lv. 60
Malodnak's Dark Claw Lv. 60
Murfeo's Immortal Oath Lv. 60
Talamund's Soul Lv. 60
Talen's Bloodthirsty Gem Lv. 60
Awaydas' Coat of Arms Lv. 65
Gainey's Eye Lv. 65
Nemeon's Arm Lv. 65
Reaper's Silk Lv. 65
Ruth's Lazurite Heart Lv. 65
Titan's Spirit Flower Lv. 65
Awaydas' General Sigil Lv. 65
Gainey's Gaze Lv. 65
Nemeon's Arm Bone Lv. 65
Reaper's Bloodsilk Lv. 65
Ruth's Merciful Heart Lv. 65
Titan's Spirit Blossom Lv. 65
Ancient Fang of the Fire Dragon Lv. 65
Ancient Frozen Skull Lv. 65
Ancient Mask of the Dark Occultist Lv. 65
Ancient Mask of the Wind Spirit Lv. 65
Ancient Templar's Medal of Honor Lv. 65
Ancient Thunder God's Soul Crystal Lv. 65
Emblem of the Immortal Dragon Lv. 65
Lv.65 Trophy (Legendary) Lv. 65
Lv.65 Trophy (Legendary) Lv. 65
Lv.65 Trophy (Legendary) Lv. 65
Black Knight's Promissory Necklace Lv. 70
Guzigla's Broken Tooth Lv. 70
Von's Runic Notes Lv. 70
Black Knight's Promissory Breastpin Lv. 70
Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth Lv. 70
Von's True Notes Lv. 70
Awaydas' Fragment Lv. 70
Gainey's Skull Ring Lv. 70
Nemeon's Head Lv. 70
Reaper's Venom Sac Lv. 70
Ruth's Charm Amulet Lv. 70
Titan's Flaming Soul Lv. 70
Aveline's True Tears Lv. 75
Fenrir's Dog Tag Lv. 75
Fenrir's Legendary Horn Lv. 75
Hel's Fluorescent Earrings Lv. 75
Legendary Dream Brew Lv. 75
Little Fenrir's Hornwolf Tooth Lv. 75
Powder of Residual Nightmares Lv. 75
Scarecrow's Sprout of Faith Lv. 75
Torian's Legendary Cooking Utensils Lv. 75